A Christmas Smile

Short Story

Tom Montgomery returned to Virginia after years in a Yankee prison camp, to discover the wife who said she'd love him forever had mistakenly learned he'd been killed, and married another man. Seven years later, Tom, needing to heal the breach with his family, returns Texas, to find Elizabeth living at his grandfather's ranch. Can a Christmas miracle head the pain of betrayal and bring their two hearts together again.

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True love and loss permeate this story. The twist and turns love takes these characters on is heart felt. I enjoyed reading this sweet story. Reviewed by Rita, Reviewer for Night Owl Romance, Rated 3.75

"A Christmas Smile was a poignant romance certain to move any reader.  ...I loved this story, adored the hero, but wish there hadn't been so many wasted years..."
Reviewed by Kathy Andrico @ Kathy's Review Corner A Christmas Smile is featured as a KRC 2009 Gem.
Not Rated -- Read full review here.
"Ms. Kathy Otten has written a fabulous story about a man and his soul mate...  This poignant story is so emotionally remarkable that I read straight through.  ...The characters suffered so greatly that the book was moving. ...I cannot say enough about this historical romance.  Anyone would love to read it, regardless of genre.  I applaud this author for her way with words."
Reviewed by Brenda Talley @ The Romance Studio
Rated 5 Hearts -- Read full review here.
"True love and loss permeate this story.  The twist and turns love taked these characters on is heart felt.  I enjoyed reading this sweet story."
Reviewed by Rita @ Night Owl Romance
Rated 3.75/5 An Excellent Read
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Also, for some reason I never added an excerpt for this story. Could you please include—
The warmth of Rosalie’s palm pressed against his free hand. Heat rushed to his cheeks, and between their palms, his skin dampened. He laced his fingers with hers. With the pad of his thumb, he traced the top of her hand. Her skin was so smooth. Were all women this soft, or had he just never noticed?

She tugged him forward, and loath to release his hold, he followed her up the steps.
He cast one quick glance over his shoulder toward the city livery and blacksmith shop. He should return to his beat, walk around the tank, and chase away the lads and lasses who’d come with their pails to collect the constantly dripping molasses.

But when he looked back at Rosalie, a secretive smile teased the edges of her full lips, as though she were aware of her own seductive power over him. And like a green lad, fresh off the boat, he allowed her to lead him inside.