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  • Is a deposit required?
    • If you wish to reserve the next available opening, then a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required.


  • How do I pay?
    • You may submit payments through PayPal. All package pricing is in U.S. Dollars (USD)


  • Do I make my payment before or after starting the work?
    • Payment in advance is preferred, however you may pay half up front with the remaining balance due upon completion of the work. Remaining work and feedback will be returned once final payment is processed.


  • Do you offer any guarantees?
    • No. I don’t offer any guarantees regarding acceptance by an agent or publisher. I offer no guarantees regarding sales or income. The only thing predictable about the marketplace is that it’s unpredictable. All I can promise is to help you create your best work.


  • Will you also edit my manuscript?
    • No. A good, professional editor has a different skill set. An editor will correct grammar and punctuation, then will leave you to fix it. As a coach I will help you figure out what is and isn’t working in your story, and help you find ways to strengthen your work.


  • Will you try to change my story?
    • No. This is your story, your characters, your voice. As a coach I will point out what I believe is or isn’t working and why. I will offer suggestions to change those things, but ultimately,this is and always will be your story. One of the reasons we have phone calls is to discuss suggested changes or other concerns calmly and with respect.


  • What is a standard manuscript page?
    • A standard manuscript page is: Times New Roman, 12-point font, one inch margins top and bottom, left and right sides, Double space, First-line paragraph indent, No extra lines between paragraphs, Page numbers, and Headers with title and client name.

  • How do I submit my work?
    • Work will be exchanged through email attachments.
    • Pages must be submitted in a Word document.
    • A familiarity with Track Changes is necessary.
  • What happens if I miss a deadline?
    • Much like other appointments in your life, book coaching deadlines are agreed to ahead of time. I understand that unforeseen things occur. However, this is a professional relationship between coach and client, and as with any professional relationship, each party has a responsibility to honor those scheduled times. If you miss, reschedule, or cancel the same appointment twice during our professional relationship, the package will be terminated. There will be no refund.


  • How do I know you won’t steal my story?
    • Once you have written something on the page or saved it as a document in your computer, you hold the copyright.



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